Software Development Portfolio

In this section I will show some short demonstrations of some of the programming projects / assignments I have been involved in.

I have decided to use this as the ubiquitous format of demonstrating my programming work due to the differences in format and online availability; some programs are built to be used solely offline, with the use of an offline database or other such resource. As a result, I decided using YouTube videos as a demonstration format, as this is a simple, easy to digest way of demonstrating that doesn't take as much time as source downloading/compilation, manual demonstration in person, or re-coding to fit an online context.

Queenstown Website / this website

A demonstration of the Queenstown tourist website I did for an assignment, as well as my own website, of which the design was re-purposed from the Queenstown website.

Java Whiteboard Application

A demonstration for a Java Whiteboard assignment I did.

Spider Crawler Assignment

A demonstration for a Java Spider Crawler assignment I did.

Unitec Mobile App

An android app re-imagining of the Unitec website as per an assignment for Mobile Software Development at Unitec (level 7). Website

An (with EF core) product application / website developed for a fictional company called Quality Bags. This was also re-done in PHP (demonstrated in another video). This was done for Web Application Development at Unitec (level 7).

Box2D Game

A Box2D / SFML / C++ Minigolf course / level editor that was done for my Advanced Game Programming paper (Level 7).

Flight Simulator

an C++ / SFML / OpenGL Flight Simulator done as an assignment for Advanced Game Programming at Unitec (Level 7).

Green's Garage

A business management application for a fictional company called Greens Garage, done for my GUI Programming paper at Unitec (Level 6.)

OneContribution (Video Game)

An isometric zombie-survival type semi-RTS that was done for Game Programming at Unitec (level 6).

PHP Assignment

A website developed for a fictional company called Quality Bags as an assignment. This was meant to be a PHP re-imagining of out ASP assignment of the same nature. Done for Web Application Development (Level 7).

Towers of Hanoi Logic Game

A small GUI / C# based logic game done for GUI Programming at Unitec (Level 6).

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