These are various projects I have created or been involved in, including software projects, university projects, visual art, tattoos, and more.

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These are some testimonials of my character and professional conduct.

It's always great to be working alongside Aquila. Having his exceptional team working skills and a can do attitude really does help lighten the load, especially when faced with unforeseen challenges in the classroom.

Outside of Scratchpad Aquila has also been continuing to develop his skill set, working on and leading a game development project called “Necromancer”. Here I was working alongside him as a 3D generalist, developing the graphical side of things, while he acted as creative director. His style of direction and leading allowed for growth among his team, encouraging others to share their ideas to help strengthen his vision of the final product.

Tim Reinhold

Supervisor, SCRATCHPAD Albany

3D Artist, Environment Artist and Level designer, VOID Productions

Aquila has been a pleasure to work with; he’s hardworking and is always on top of the tasks that need doing while ensuring they're done to the highest standard. Not only that, but he’s also always doing more than needed to make the lives of the rest of his coworkers easier.

Aaron Heald

Supervisor, SCRATCHPAD Albany

Working with Aquila I have found him to be friendly and approachable along with putting an effort into making things at work simplified and understandable such that working with him is easy and enjoyable.

Denzel Foley

Supervisor, SCRATCHPAD Albany

Aquila's cleverness is second to none. His dedication and honesty is something that is truly difficult to find these days. A true genius without question.

Kalyn Lessiter

Creative Director of LAITNF Game Studios

I’m so proud of my son Aquila - from the age of 3 he’s always known what he wanted to be, a game software developer, and he has excelled in that area, producing a working demo of his first project, Necromancer, entirely solo until he got the team together.

At the same time he has developed many other creative, knowledge and language skills, and is a focused, responsible teacher and leader that has inspired many friends and students to follow his example.

Guy Halpé

Senior Technical Writer, Gentrack


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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand


(+64) 21 108 1934